LSBU 100 - Apprenticeships


In the 9th instalment of our LSBU 100 - Women in Engineering event series, we will be diving into the world of Apprenticeships. With many companies encouraging young aspiring people to become engineers, apprenticeships are a great way to learn what you need to know as well as get the necessary experience you need to get started.

With many ways to become an engineer, many successful engineers started with an apprenticeship as their gateway into the sector. In this event, we will be hearing from female engineers who have went through the path of apprenticeships to get to their profession.

Our speakers will be discussing the following;

  • What decisions were made to embark on an Engineering Apprenticeship?
  • How working in the engineering environment while studying can benefit you in the long term?
  • They will be highlighting their successes in the industry so far.
  • What advice they will give for young aspiring females who would like to start an Engineering Apprenticeship.

The programme for the event will be announced soon.

Registered guests will receive the Zoom Webinar links for this event one day before the event is to commence.

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