LSBU 100 - Apprenticeships


In the 9th instalment of our LSBU 100 - Women in Engineering event series, we will be diving into the world of Apprenticeships. With many companies encouraging young aspiring people to become engineers, apprenticeships are a great way to learn what you need to know as well as get the necessary experience you need to get started.

With many ways to become an engineer, many successful engineers started with an apprenticeship as their gateway into the sector. In this event, we will be hearing from female engineers who have went through the path of apprenticeships to get to their profession.

Our speakers will be discussing the following;

  • What decisions were made to embark on an Engineering Apprenticeship?
  • How working in the engineering environment while studying can benefit you in the long term?
  • They will be highlighting their successes in the industry so far.
  • What advice they will give for young aspiring females who would like to start an Engineering Apprenticeship.

The programme for the event is as follows;

5 pm – Zoom Intro by Dean Woodhouse, Senior Corporate Events Officer, London South Bank University

5.05 pm – Event Intro by Kate Viscardi, Senior Lecturer, School Lead on Degree and Higher Apprenticeships at London South Bank University of Engineering

5.10 pm – 'A Different Route to Fusion' by Kat Rosier, Senior Electrical System Design Engineer at RACE UKAEA Culham

5.20 pm – 'Engineering my future - An insight to my journey into an engineering career and the benefits of the apprenticeship route.' by Megan Whitebread, Apprentice of BEng Building services engineering. National apprentice of the year 2020 in building services eng.

5.30 pm – 'Trusting the Progression Pace' by Ruth Tataga, CIBSE Young Engineer Network (YEN) London Committee Vice-Chair under CIBSE.

5.40 pm – 'Apprenticeships: A route into the engineering profession?' by Dr Caroline Sudworth, from the Technician Apprenticeship Consortium (TAC)

5.50 pm – Panel Q&A hosted by Kate Viscardi

6.25 pm – Closing Statements by Kate Viscardi

6.30 pm – Event End

Registered guests will receive the Zoom Webinar links for this event one day before the event is to commence.

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Kat Rosier is a Senior Electrical Systems Design Engineer, who leads the electrical team and design across the ITER program at RACE.

She has had a varied career across a multitude of different industries, from chemical control systems, heavy manufacturing, nuclear, medical and food.

She has always designed custom machinery for unique applications.

Megan Whitbread - I am 22 and an Apprentice Building Services Engineer for Troup Bywaters + Anders in London. I joined the industry in 2015 with a small amount of knowledge about building services, five years later I am leading electrical designs for major hospitals in the UK.

I decided to start looking into apprenticeships whilst studying for my AS Levels at sixth-form. I realised that sitting in a class room all day was not for me, I wanted to feel productive and have something to show for myself. I never really wanted to go to university full time so an apprenticeship was the perfect option. My apprenticeship with TB+A has opened up endless opportunities such as going out to major leaders within the healthcare industry to tell them the benefits of apprenticeships and speaking at numerous conferences.

My apprenticeship has allowed me to gain the essential skills to become an engineer, not only technical skills and knowledge, but the ability to manage mine and others time, workloads and social skills necessary to hopefully be the first and youngest female partner within the company.

Ruth Tataga - I am a French Cameroonian Mechanical Engineer with over 7 years working experience in both France and the UK.

After 4 years working in both project management and consultancy on various type of projects in Paris, I moved to the UK in 2017 to work with EDVANCE UK (EDF) on the Nuclear project HPC.

I’ve been working for the past 3 years as a Consultant Engineer in the UK.

In addition to my experience, I have a passion for building physics and energy efficient design. I believe in sustainability, not just in regards to carbon emissions but also regarding human resources. I believe diversity is the key for a sustainable future within the industry. That is why I became an ambassador for Diversity and Inclusion.

Dr Caroline Sudworth joined the Technical Apprenticeship Consortium (TAC) as a consultant Apprenticeship Standards Specialist in July 2017, prior to which she was Head of Apprenticeships at the Engineering Council.

TAC was formed in 2010, and the employers within it have recruited and trained over 1000 technician apprentices for the engineering consultancy sector.

Since 2015, TAC has been responsible for the formation and management of five trailblazer groups which have now developed eight new apprenticeships from railway engineering design, civil and building services engineering, to transport planning and environmental practitioner.