LSBU 100 - How to Hack (Ethically)


In part six of our 'LSBU 100 - Women in Engineering' event series, we will be focusing our attention on the next generation of Engineers and more specifically, showing our young audience the world of Cyber Security.

Cyber Security as this topic is more relevant now than ever before given the increase in cybercrime during the COVID pandemic. Cybersecurity is a core subject area within Computer Science. Do you know how to keep yourself safe whilst online? Can you tell the difference between phishing, malware and other types of cyber-attacks?

The is a highly interactive and engaging session with a hands-on practical demonstration of ethical hacking! Attend this session and learn all about ethical hacking and staying safe online.

We will be joined by Saptarshi Ghosh, Research Scholar in the Division of Computer Science & Informatics.

Description of presentation - Cyber-Awareness is the greatest defence mechanism you could opt for, before being a victim.

Registered guests will receive the Zoom Webinar links for this event one day before the event is to commence.

This event is tailored to young adults who are interested in joining the Engineering Sector.

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Saptarshi Ghosh is a research scholar in the Division of Computer Science & Informatics, London South Bank University. His research domain includes 5G network architecture, Cyber-Security, and Network Intelligence. Saptarshi has been a recipient of multiple National and International scholarships that include, GATE, NET, Erasmus-Mundus, and Marrie-Curie. He has also been an integral part of several EU & UK funded academic project such as CProVot, Watch, H2020-SONNET, Digital-Grid, etc. For the last three years, he has been serving as a lecturer at LSBU.